Everything you need to build your levels

The amazing modular world building concept

Ever wanted to build your game fast and non-destructive? Imagine to use the worlds best game engine Unreal4 and build your level out of a system of modular meshes.
Select from a huge set of basic building blocks, configure material and texture, assemble the models manually or use a plugin to automate the placement.

No Limits

Models, Materials and Animations

Modular Components

Modular components are separate pieces, created at the scale they will be used for and not changed.
This way you work in exact dimensions and the texture scaling (UV) is preserved.

Cascaded Layouts

Assemblies are meshes which are placed by the layout system. The assemblies can be used the same way as a single mesh component. This way you can create complex hierarchical environments (e.g buildings and cities)

Physical Materials

The scene is rendered using PBR materials which work in realtime and give instant visual feedback.

Animation Tracks

The animation system is track based but can be layered with procedural motions.

Explore Physical Correct Materials! You will love it.

PBR Materials are based on real world physical properties.

The Most Powerful Software For Cinematic Scenes.

Realtime Rendering

DirectScene is a software specialized in procedural generation of assets for the game and film industry.
Written in fast C++, it uses the python programming language for realtime modifications to generate geometry meshes, materials and textures, level and scene layouts and even animations.

The Stranger Tools products have been generated with DirectScene.

Create Stunning Scenes

Apply modifiers to create variations of your model and place them automatically using the cascaded layout system.

Plug Into Your Game Engine

Stranger Tools are ready to use in Unreal4. All assets have been converted to the .uasset format.
The Unity version is work in progress.

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Stranger Tools

A finely tuned set of models and plugins.

A growing set of basic shapes to build on.

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Stranger Models

A growing collection of compound models consisting of simple modular meshes.

Stranger Towers

Stranger Vessels

Stranger Bridges

Stranger Weapons

Stranger Stairs

Stranger Gates

Explore! You will love it.

The Stranger Gates package contains a set of arcs with random details.

Plugins for your Stranger Models

These plugins help you to configure, assemble and animate your models.

Stranger Materials


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Stranger Shapes


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Stranger Motions


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Take a look, what you can create with the Stranger Tools system.

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Learn how to build assemblies of your component meshes.

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Before proceeding, please note all the packages shown are still work in progress.

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